SCORPIONZ BLUE were beaten by KO5 in the semi-finals of the national FA People’s Cup.

The Blues have been together since the mid-2000s and have always participated in tournament football as well as league football at their local Powerleague centre in Slough.

For the last five years they have travelled the country, playing in tournaments which have consisted of national finals plus regional and local heats.

The squad which qualified for the semi-finals consisted of players from all different backgrounds and with different levels of footballing ability.

Their talisman and longest serving player is Umar Riaz, who led the team in the regional FA People’s Cup finals in Wimbledon.

Riaz is the joint-leading scorer, with youngster and newcomer Lukmaan Kasim, including his opening goal in the final.

Royal Borough Observer:

PHOTO: Umar Riaz stars for Scorpionz Blues, as well as 11-a-side club Real Milan.

Haydon Richardson is another key member of the Scorpionz. He was crucial when the team qualified from the local heats in Slough. Richardson top-scored and his goals included a brace in the final against rivals KS Gryf.

Keeper Hassan Hussain is an ever-present in the side and has been a part of the Blues for the last three years.

He has been crucial to their success in various tournaments and was key in Wimbledon for the regionals where he did not concede a single goal and helped the team through to the final.

The rest of the team consists of Amin Khomsi, who has been playing with the team for the past two years and has never missed a tournament.

The Scorpionz Blue have a big number of players to choose from so their squad often changes to suit what is best for the team and tournament.

The Blues have been a leading five-a-side team in Slough and attract a lot of interest from players wanting to join.

Royal Borough Observer:

PHOTO: Scorpionz Blues team member Amin Khomsi (red).

They started out as a simple group of friends, all of a good level of footballing ability, but, since they started playing high-intensity tournaments, they have had to build a squad and it keeps on growing.

Scorpionz Blue are always testing themselves against the best five-a-side teams in the country and it was another big test when they headed to the FA People’s Cup finals.

It was their second attempt for the cup and their first did not go well after they reached the regionals two years ago. They failed at the semi-final stage in Portsmouth though it was a good experience.

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