CHALVEY SPORTS are sweating on a decision from the Football Association over their potential promotion this season.

Chalvey were crowned Division Two East champions in their first-ever season as members of the Hellenic League and are hoping for promotion into Division One East.

The club has submitted a proposal to groundshare having been told the facilities at Chalvey Recreation Ground would not be accepted by the FA.

They now face an anxious wait and Sports Chairman Scott Young says the possibility of promotion is 50-50.

“We’re not allowed to take promotion into step six playing out of Chalvey Recreation Ground,” Young told the Observer. “We would like to play there but are now waiting to find out if a proposal to play somewhere else has been accepted.

“That’s a decision for the FA to make and until we get confirmation we will not know where we are at.

“Our only option is to groundshare, which will take a little bit away from the identity of the club, and all that costs money on top of matchday fees.

“We will have to wait and see but I think news is imminent. It might happen in the next few weeks but I’m completely 50/50 and the club is prepared for either eventuality.

“If we’re not accepted we will probably be in a better position for a proposal next season, if we do well.

We would like to take promotion but we’ve seen this week teams like Finchampstead relegated because they don’t have the right facilities.”

Young continued: “It’s happening across step six. Teams need to be ready for March 31 2018 but FA rules will stop the progress of clubs like us.

“We’ve earned our right for promotion but it’s out of our hands.

"It’s a little disappointing because you can get to the level we have and your options cease to exist, so the grassroots game can’t progress.

“The possibility of promotion is 50/50”

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