LYNCHPIN are in a race against time to find a new manager after Riley Smith stood down at the end of the season.

Smith guided Lynchpin to fifth position in Hellenic Division Two East, their first-ever season in the Hellenic League, but stood down citing family commitments.

Smith is happy to support a new manager, but he admits someone needs to step forward in the next few weeks for the club to survive.

“We’re a close-knit bunch so it would probably have to be someone close to the team, but it has not happened at the moment,” he told the Observer.

“If someone steps forward, similar to what happened at Chalvey Sports last year, I would be glad to help them set up.

“It is definitely not too late but, the longer the search goes on, it’s less likely. We will probably know more in the next four or five weeks.

“We need someone that the players will respect, trust and put their faith in. There’s a good core bunch of players, but a few will retire now or move on.”

Smith continued: “It would be easier in the East Berkshire League. It’s not the only option but not the greatest. It’s less intense and there’s less work to do, but that league needs a bit of sorting out at the moment.”

Commenting on the decision to step down, he said: “It’s family commitment for me. Football eats up my Saturdays and there’s a bit of commitment during the week.

“I want to take a step back but am happy to set the team up if someone wants to come in and manage it. I’m gutted but looking forward to spending more time with the family.

"I will come back at some point in time but my daughter is growing up fast and I don't want to miss it."

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