Sports loving Jackie Sprules, 62, is planning a 13,000 ft tandem sky dive - despite being almost blind in both eyes.

Mrs Sprules, of Sefton Close, Stoke Poges said: "I lost the sight in my right eye five years ago. On Monday I could see, Friday I could not.

"Then the same thing happened to the left eye two years ago. I was a working woman one week, then I could not work or drive any more."

Her vision was reduced to a white blur, like being in a permanent fog.

But the determined grandmother said: "I kind of got the idea that if you go blind after a certain age you are expected to sit in the corner and wither away.

"I thought that's not going to happen to me. I'm going to go for it.

"I heard about the 100 year old who did a tandem jump and thought if he can do it so can I."

She had already tried archery, wall climbing and horse riding since losing her sight. A day of archery organised by the visual impairment charity BucksVision proved so enjoyable that last March she joined SportsAble, the internationally renowned disabled sports club based at Braywick in Maidenhead.

She said: "I had a go at air rifle shooting and in the second week they asked me to do it in a competition."

She has also tried kayaking, ten pin bowling and hopes to master all 12 of the activities offered by SportsAble.

She does her tandem sky dive on September 23 and husband David means to capture it live on YouTube.

Money raised from sponsorship will be split between SportsAble and BucksVision.

Mrs Sprules said the most demanding activity she indulged in before nerve damage destroyed her site was a game of golf while working as a receptionist at Wexham Park Golf Centre.

She said: "I still like a game of golf if there is someone with me to show me where the ball is."

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