MICK Woodham admits that Chalvey Sports made things difficult for Windsor despite a 2-0 win for his side in the Challenge Cup on Tuesday.

Windsor were fortunate not to go behind in the third round tie when Hugo Sobte denied Bryan Taylor from the penalty spot, before late goals from Riccardo Cannon and Nadir Shafi ensured victory at Arbour Park.

Windsor manager Woodham told the Observer: “I’m pleased with the win and we got exactly what we expected, a very stiff runaround and a competitive game played in a good spirit.

“We started really well and, if we were lucky enough to put one or two chances away, then it’s a more comfortable evening for us, but it wasn’t to be.

“We had to rely on Hugo bang on half-time to not only save the penalty but the rebound as well otherwise we are in a position where we’re having to make changes at the break.

“We had a little chat at half-time and came out in the second half a lot more prepared. We were better and fairly comfortable to be fair.

“It was only a matter of time before the goals went in really but fair play to Chalvey, they were terrific.

“It was a good evening with a decent crowd but we’re in the next round and that’s what we came here for ultimately. Let’s stay in the cups because it extend our season into February.

“We were prepared for extra time but you have just got to come and front-up what’s in front of you.

“We like a late goal and we’ve got quality on the bench. We’re fit and if we get it right and stay in the game then we’ve always got a chance.

“We made it difficult for ourselves but Chalvey made it difficult for us as well, so let’s hope they get want they want which is promotion I guess.”

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