WINDSOR Cox Green Academy have recorded back-to-back wins in the National League Alliance after a 5-0 victory over Gosport Borough at Stag Meadow on Wednesday.

A free-kick from Keaton August and a Daniel Roth penalty gave the hosts a clear lead at the half-time interval, before goals from August, Joe Zemaitis and Ed Port secured the three points after the break.

However, the match was not without its controversial moments as August was accused of spitting at Gosport full-back Luke Alchurch in the first half, and Windsor’s Gregg Simpe-Asante was clearly showed to the ground when the two teams clashed again in the second period.

VIDEO: Windsor coach Jack Porter reacts to the 5-0 win against Gosport Borough.

Academy coach Jack Porter told the Observer: “I completely missed the incident involving Keaton. I was looking the other way at the time so when there coach told me what happened I was a little surprised.

“Knowing Keaton, he is not like that, he is not one to go around and do things like that. He openly admitted during the game that he didn’t mean to, so it’s just one of those things.

“Everyone over-reacted but I know for a fact he is not like that. I know it was a complete accident.

“Keaton tried to apologise for it, move on and play football, and it got a bit heated but these things happen in football.”

Commenting on the incident in the second-half, Porter said: “They are all teenagers and sometimes they want to go and prove who the bigger man is, sometimes that can happen.

“It was the nature of the game, not in terms of challenges, but there was a lot of talking from both sets of players when they should have let their football do the talking.”

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