WINDSOR Dames ended their five-match losing streak in the South East North Division after a 19-15 victory against Millwall Venus Ladies at Home Park on Sunday.

It was great to see the Dames with a full squad as several players came back from injuries.

As the game got under way Windsor started brightly, after only a few minutes played they opened the scoring thanks to an interception by captain Cherelle Jameson who sprinted under the posts allowing for an easy conversion.

Millwall reacted immediately, they managed to keep possession of the ball and tested the Dames defence with several attacking phases.

First resisting, the defence finally struggled out wide and Millwall scored their first try on the wing. It was not converted so Windsor were still in the lead but the away team went for a second similar try only a few minutes later.

Windsor coaches and captain re-motivated the team as they knew the game was still very much in the balance.

The team responded well and did not let Millwall through again in the first half, making the score 7-10 at the break.

Only behind by a few points, Windsor ladies came back into the game determined to go over Millwall defensive line.

With some great scrums and attacking lines they forced the away team to commit errors, winning a penalty on the 22. They decided to play it, sending the forwards with big hits into the defence.

After a few phases Jaymie Phow managed to open the defence up and scored a well-deserved try, converted by Cherelle Jameson.

The away team then replied aggressively and worked their way into the Windsor 22. With the try line insight they kept up the pressure on the Windsor defensive line, causing them to concede consecutive offside penalties.

After at least 10 minutes of defending the Dames finally conceded the try, which was not converted. The score was 14-15 in Millwall’s favour with around 10 minutes remaining.

Following the same scenario as for their previous try, Windsor put pressure on the away team and obtained a scrum 10 meters out from the try line.

Jayme Phow picked up the ball from the scrum and eliminated three defenders to score the try of the victory. It was not converted but Windsor kept its defence tight for the last 5 minutes and won.