WINDSOR Founding Director Kevin Stott has reached out to the club's youth section for their help in his latest bid to secure a long-term lease for Stag Meadow from The Crown Estate, writes Rob Stevens.

Stott founded the club back in 2011 but has so far failed in negotiations with the land owner for a lease which he believes could lead to future redevelopments works at the stadium.

The construction of an artificial playing surface, for example, could provide a source of revenue to run the club as well as allow the youth section, which has numerous teams for people aged 6-18, to use the same facilities.

Stott is expected to meet with the youth section this week in the hope of agreeing upon a joint-approach and proposition to then re-open talks with The Crown Estate.

He explained to the Observer: "The idea really is for both sides to be clear about what outcomes they want from the partnership so we can structure that into the heads of terms of a lease going going.

"We want to create a win-win situation. That's what we're working on at the moment and I will have more specifics coming out on further discussions.

"We're in dialogue with The Crown Estate in London and the youth section have had some dialogue with them in Windsor, so it's just about integration and getting those bits working together.

"It needs to be a proposal that meets the objectives of both the senior and youth sections. It needs to be a win-win and that makes sense because together we're stronger.

Royal Borough Observer:

PHOTO: Windsor Founding Director, Kevin Stott, has not lost sight of the vision he has for the football club, which includes an artificial surface at Stag Meadow.

"A joint approach from both sections, given the influence that has within the town and football, is probably as good as it gets in terms of a proposition, but I'm not saying it's irresistable because The Crown Estate could turn it down.

"It might appear that I've been overly critical of The Crown Estate at times, but they will not understand the club in the intimate way that we do or the impact it has on community, and all these kind of things.

"It's incumbent on us to put together a proposal that's irresistable from the point of view of The Crown Estate."

Stott added: "I've never lost sight of the vision but it centres around artificial pitches one way or another that will allow more people to play here. It then becomes a hub and that was always the goal way back in 2011.

"Somehow or other, and for all sorts of reasons, both the football club and The Crown Estate have lost our way a little bit, but that doesn't mean we can't find it again."