WINDSOR Football Club is pleased to confirm that it has been working with Windsor FC Youth to develop the facilities at Stag Meadow so that it can become a spiritual home for both, writes Rob Stevens.

Windsor Founding Director Kevin Stott said: “Windsor FC Youth already uses the facilities at Stag Meadow for meetings and social events on a no-cost basis, and one of their teams trains weekly on the grass training area.

“We would love to develop Stag Meadow such that both the main pitch and training area are converted to artificial grass, which would then allow Windsor FC Youth’s 40 plus teams to play and train at the ground.

“There’s nothing we can’t achieve together if we are respectful of each other’s unique objectives and challenges, and act with openness and most importantly integrity in applying our collective abilities towards a common goal.”

He continued: “The key thing is to get our equivalent of Brexit done – namely getting a long term lease with The Crown Estate over the line.

“That will then allow Windsor FC to commit to the substantial financial funding and management time investment to facilitate the Stag Meadow redevelopment.”