WINDSOR Founding Director Kevin Stott believes the club has the raw ingredients to challenge for a top five finish in the Hellenic League Premier Division this season, writes Rob Stevens.

Stott has appointed Mark Cooper as the new first team manager at Stag Meadow and believes the two share similar philosophies.

Cooper will have to build a relationship with the Academy and Under 18s teams, but Stott is confident there is nothing not to like about the new man in charge.

Stott told the Observer: "His qualities include intelligence, maturity and transferable skills from business. He runs a successful business where me manages 65 people of different age groups.

"When I talk about intelligence I don't just mean academic but emotional intelligence. The ability to build good relationships with players of all ages and abilities plus the rest of the football club, including the fan base.

"Mark has had a very good playing career, comes with a good team and we share some similar philosophies.

"I've given him as much information as I can to create a framework and it's now down to him to work with us and fill that in. We need to create the footballing philosophy.

"He is hard not to like. It's nice when you meet people that are capable, ambitious and have energy, but are still good with people. He's not going to trash anybody.

"There was one other candidate but it's not appropriate to mention who and, to be honest, it was fractional. In my head I was struggling to make a decision.

"One of the reasons we had six people in the interview panel was to iron-out those nuances and we went with the collective opinion."

The founding director continued: "People are not on contracts at this level so it's easier, if you have the right infrastructure and offering, to pull players in on short notice and create a relatively new team. Luke Brooks-Smith did that in the short period that he has been around.

"If this was a professional club with 20 players on contract, it would take time to asses them, move them on and get new people in, but we don't have any of those restrictions here.

"I would like to think, and we haven't set this in concrete, that we could challenge for a top-five place. The reason for that is sixth is the best we've ever been.

"We start from a middling place but I'm pretty convinced that the raw ingredients are there. We've got a reasonable squad of players that Luke has put together, but we've got to work hard on building a relationship with the Academy and Under 18s.

"My normal split on youth and experience is nine and seven, plus Mark has a network of managers that he knows at a higher level, from steps two and free.

"I understand there might be two or three players who are currently not getting into those squads, similar to what we did we Daniel Roberts last season, who might well add to our strengths."