WINDSOR & Eton Bowls Club star Tony Scott has won the County Championships Singles final against Simon Jones from Reading at Bracknell.

It was a nail-biting match that started badly for Scott as he was 14-3 down in the early stages and defeat was beckoning.

Scott however has shown in the past he can rise to a challenge and, with a crowd of supporters cheering him on, he started a fightback.

He nipped away at his opponent’s lead end by end to level the scores at 20-20, just one shot needed from the 21 for victory.

Scott rolled in a cracking shot inches from the jack. Jones was unable to knock it off and the final ended 21-20.


Windsor & Eton

ladies Royal Shield team enjoyed a 54-49 (8-2 on points) home win against Maidenhead Thicket after victory on two rinks.

The KLV League A team began with a visit to Maidenhead Thicket and went down on two rinks with a shot score of 54-41 (8-2). The winning rink was Rob Gordon, David Freeland and Tim Marshall with 15-14.

Their second outing was a rescheduled game against Desborough which ended with all rinks being beaten. The total shots were 56-43 in favour of Desborough (10-0 on points).

The B team lost in their home match against Sunningdale. Andrew Smith, Christ Heitzmann and Stan Rawlings were the only winning rink (17-15), earning two points. The visitors went home with eight points having won overall 61-42.

Windsor & Eton C team also had two games. The first was at home against Maidenhead Town C, who won comfortably 64-36 to claim all 10 points.

The second was away to Desborough C but this to was a loss on all rinks (55-38) and zero points.

In the last Kennet League fixture of the season, Windsor & Eton pulled of a 10-4 on points win against Maidenhead Town, scoring 73-66. The top rink honours went to Paul O’Connell, Derek Smith, John Giles and Martyn Hayward, with 23-11.

Ralph Cooke skipped another winning rink, taking his successes to 13 out of 14 games this season.

The one weekend friendly match ended well. Playing at home to High Wycombe, the final score was 117-87. The top rink included Sue Ireland, Bert Barker, David Perriman and Hayward on 38-15.

The KLV League season came to an end with matches for the A and B teams. The A side suffered a perhaps predictable 68-36 loss at home to league winners, Maidenhead Town. With one rink drawn and two lost, the points tally was 9-1 in favour of the visitors.

A slightly less painful defeat befell the B team in their away match at Desborough. With a close shot score of 56-50, but winning only one rink, the points were 8-2 against the Goswell Meadow-based club.

With the club tour days away, there was one weekend friendly, requiring a short trip to Sunningdale. Some heavy losses on a couple of rinks led to a small overall loss of 95-90. The top rink players were Andree Mooney, Smith and Jim Henderson, who reduced the deficit with an impressive tally of 24-7.