WINDSOR, Slough, Eton & Hounslow (WSEH) Athletics Club were prominent in the South of England Road Relays event at Crystal Palace on Sunday.

Six teams from the club recorded a top-10 finish in the various age group races and prime position went to the Under-15 (U15) girls team, who took the gold medals.

Charlotte Dewar led off for WSEH and returned home in first place in 11 minutes and 22 seconds (11.22). Eloisa Harris maintained the advantage on the second leg in 11.17 and an impressive final leg from Jasmine Young (11.17) secured the podium top spot.

Three WSEH teams toed the start line in the U17 girls race and the A side just missed out in the medal hunt with their fourth place. The side included Amy Young (11.32), Morgan Hanson (11.17) and Molly Jones (11.19).

The B team were the top B side and finished in eighth place with contributions from Maya Hodgson (11.41), Ellie Van Heerde (11.53) and Kate Clutterbuck (12.02). The race winners were Shaftesbury Barnet.

There were promising performances in the U13 races with both the boys and girls teams finishing in sixth place.

George Thomas took the opening leg in the boys race to return in 11.26. Ben Dewar (11.29) improved to ninth on the next leg, with Sam Johnston lifting the club to sixth, a positioned maintained by Julian Abbas on the final leg in 11.42. The race winners were Cambridge and Coleridge.

Daya Baga faced the starter in the U13 girls event and clocked 11.67 for sixth place. Rachel Clutterbuck improved to fourth on the second leg with 12.25, but Freya Wilcox slipped back into sixth place on the last leg with 12.52. The race winners were Tonbridge.

The U15 boys started well with Luke Hynes returning in second place in 10.04. Will Goddard dropped to fifth on the second leg with 10.57. The positioned was maintained by Matt Knight (11.09) but Jack Campbell slipped to 10th on the final leg in 11.46. The races winners were Aldershot.

The U17 boys team was below strength. Dominic McDougall started well enough with his ninth place in 15.59, but Zain Kothari (17.58), Ross Van Heerde (17.50) and Josh Patterson (18.14) had dropped to 21st position by the end of the race won by Aldershot.

Some 78 teams faced the starter in the senior men’s race with Blake Moore the lead runner for WSEH. He came home in 20th place with 17.53 and Simon Millett moved up to 13th on the second leg with 18.57.

Kieron Wye (19.39) dropped back to 27th and Dan Brookling lost another place on the fourth leg with his 19.20. Further ground was lost by Sean Hudson to 34th with 20.51, but James Tidd clawed back a place in the final leg with his clocking of 19.03.

There was just one WSEH senior ladies team. Jenny Ball opened with 18.06 of the first leg for 23rd place. Charlotte Firth improved to 14th on the second leg with 18.01.

Tilly Compton-Stewart was the next to appear and she improved one place to 13th position in 18.49. Juliet Soane lifted the club to 11th on the final leg with 18.31. The race winners were Guernsey.

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