WINDSOR Football Club has confirmed Mick Woodham has returned as manager in a shock u-turn just days after his decision to resign.

Woodham had stood down from his role at Stag Meadow claiming he could no longer tolerate or work with Chairman, Kevin Stott.

Stott admitted that he felt lost and surprised by those comments, believing that he had a good relationship with Woodham.

The pair met for talks on Tuesday when it was agreed that Woodham would return as manager with interim boss Ashley Smith reverting back to his role as first team coach.

Stott told the Observer: "What was said last week was a surprise to me and not a reflection on what I believe was the relationship we had.

"I was surprised by his reaction and it was difficult to do anything other than say what I thought was true.

"I think a bit of pressure had built up on Mick toward the end of last season and sometimes you lose a bit of perspective.

"We had a discussion last night and it was a sensible grown up conversation "We can all learn from it and become stronger as a group. It will make us stronger as a management team if we can navigate our way through things like this."

He continued: "Mick has had a conversation with Ashley and between them they would like to revert back to the management structure of last year.

"I am a great believer in self-development so if it's comfortable for them then we will move forward on that basis.

"The irony is the new manager is the old one, but it's the most sensible way to move forward. It's all moving in the right direction which is the most sensible thing.

"We will try to build on the success of last season and have already started to develop different ways to improve our collective performance, and I believe we can.

"I'm encouraged and pleased that we've managed to navigate our way through this situation and come out with a positive outcome."

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