RICHARD Endacott has explained that Windsor is indebted to the ECB for an initiative that has inspired so many people into cricket at Home Park.

All Stars Cricket is a new initiative aimed at children aged five to eight with a great first experience in cricket.

The programme involves eight one-hour sessions, held over eight weeks, with an emphasis on fun and being active, plus a focus on developing movement skills in children.

Endacott brought All Stars to Windsor with the help of current players, including past and present first team captains, and the programme has proved a hit with around 85 children at their most recent session last Friday.

VIDEO: Richard Endacott of Windsor Cricket Club explains the positive impact the All Stars programme has had on young players at Home Park.

He told the Observer: “Having these children out in the fresh air and away from their PlayStation and Smart Phone is superb. This is absolutely huge for the club itself because we would not normally dream of getting anywhere near these numbers.

“The sport has fallen out of fashion in so many different ways, with adults and children. It needed a little bit of inspiration and somebody with a plan to come forward and drive the initiative.

“What we’re finding is that people have been inspired and they want a piece of the action. It has been an absolutely superb thing for us as a cricket club and the ECB deserves a lot of credit.

“Every kid is leaving here with a smile on their face and that’s all credit to the ECB for coming up with such a brilliant initiative.

“We had 85 children down last Friday which was a superb number. If we can retain that going forward and get a few people move into senior cricket from this age group then we’re going to have a success story every year and this club is going to get stronger and stronger.

“It’s also great to see players giving something back to the club. The more we can develop that over the years the brighter the future will be for Windsor Cricket Club.”

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