DATCHET Village Football Club has announced its intention to create a new Saturday team for the 2018/19 season.

The club already has three sides in the Thames Valley Sunday Football League and members want to improve and ensure its continued success.

Datchet plan to enter a team into either the East Berkshire Football League or Thames Valley League, and will confirm their decision in the coming months.

Club secretary Andrew Clemens told the Observer: “It’s something that we’ve always wanted to do and the natural progression to improve the club from Sunday football.

“Many of the guys already here want to get involved on a Saturday and we’ve certainly got the facilities. There’s also been a lot of interest from young players which is great because we want to become a younger club.

"We have a lot of guys that already play on a Saturday so we want to make the club bigger.

"There are a lot of people behind the scenes that help run the club, and we have a committee of about 14 or 15 people who attend most matches.

“We’ve monitored the Chalvey Sports way of doing things and, although we will not rush into anything, we would be foolish not to want to get to that level.

"We've certainly got a ground to play at temporarily and depending on how far we can go.

"We will not have to think about moving into a new ground or a ground share for a couple of seasons at least.

“We will have to find our feet and then see where we can go in the next few years.

“The club has been around for 30 years and been quite successful, and we want to make sure that success continues.

“We’ve got good people involved who know how to run a club and we all enjoy watching a successful Datchet team, so long may that continue.

“We also want to run a women’s team, although next season will probably be too soon, and a veteran’s side as well.”

Clemens continued: "We're not going to have the playing base for the Hellenic League.

"We will primarily be picking players from all three of our Sunday teams and we will see what players we've got.

"A management team is in place but we want to get more players in. We intend to pick from the local area for a base and a slightly younger age group. We will have some trial sessions at some point.

"We've got the finances in place and the people we have already spoken to know where we are coming from.

"The plan is to stay in Datchet for as long as we can in either the East Berkshire or Thames Valley League.

"It will be an eye opener and both competitions are strong.

"We will not make a decision until we've spoken with both leagues, probably in the next couple of months."

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