WINDSOR Cox Green Academy head coach Jack Porter has explained the importance of teaching young players different tactical approaches to the game.

Porter changed his tactics and watched Windsor beat Farnborough 5-0 in the National League Alliance last week, their fourth consecutive victory in Section E.

Windsor used up to 11 different systems last season and Porter believes learning different tactics is important to a young players’ development.

He told the Observer: “We went with a different system against Farnborough and some of the boys had not had too much experience within it, so to get the performance we did and a controlled win was pleasing. It’s a part of their development.

“We’ve pretty much been at 4-3-3 since the start of this season but as much as winning is seen as important - and winning is a part of their development - we need to make sure that we’re continually adding more tools to their locker.

“This is because when they go on to play senior football with Windsor, or with someone else, they’re going to need certain skills.

“To do things only in one way is a mistake in youth football, so we want to give them as many different exposures as possible.”

Porter continued: “We have different adaptations to the system w used last week. There are a few different things that we can do with it.

“It’s similar to last year. The squad I had then played 11 different systems throughout the year, so even if it looks on paper to be the same system, there are always little different tweaks here and there.”

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