NADIR Shafi has backed Windsor to use their willing attitude and go a long way in the FA Vase this season.

Shafi, 19, has scored four goals in the Vase this year including the first in the 2-1 second round win against Erith Town on Sunday.

The forward, who has nine goals in all competitions this season, believes the win on Sunday has given the team a lot of confidence and belief that they can compete with the best.

The Windsor star told the Observer: “I thought we dug in deep and played well as a team, and we had to because it was getting pretty tough towards the end.

“Throughout the whole game we played well and just held it together, so we deserved the win completely.

“The message before for the match was to concentrate and make sure we prepare ourselves well, make sure e are all up for it, and we do believe that we can go far in this competition.

“We started pretty well. We got a few chances and could easily have gone ahead in the first half, but we dug in deep and came out strong for the second half.

“We just held on for the win but I thought all the boys and the supporters worked very hard on Sunday.”

Commenting on his goal which broke the deadlock after the break at Oakwood, Shafi said: “Barry Hayles had a shot and I saw the ball bounce. The keeper and defender didn’t know whether or not to go for the ball so I just got between them and put it around the keeper.”

“I am really enjoying my football so I’m just looking to push on. I’ve set some targets but I will just keep those to myself.”

He added: “Our confidence just went up after Jack Denton scored and we completely believed that we were going to win the game.

“It just showed that we will not give up and I think we can definitely go really far in this competition.

“I can’t explain it but it has been great experience for me and we’re just going to keep going.

“It has given me a lot of confidence because we’ve got a great bunch of players, so every game that we go into the performance has to be at a top level.

“We all know that it’s a really competitive line-up to get into, so we’ve just got to keep working really hard and we should do well this season.”

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