MICK Woodham admits that he could not have asked for more from Windsor after a 2-1 win against Erith Town in the FA Vase on Sunday.

The second round tie brought together two in-form teams but Woodham insisted his side would travel to Oakwood without fear and Windsor duly recorded a ninth straight win in all competitions.

A delighted Windsor manager told the Observer: “A lot of work went into the match, having them watched and trying to put plans in place at training, and we turned up and executed those plans.

“Erith have got threats on the pitch but we looked after their dangers and dealt with them, and we managed to execute our threats as well.

“I’m absolutely delighted for the boys and it’s a great win for us. There can be no complaints from Erith so it’s fantastic.

“We had to make changes to the team but it’s irrelevant because we’ve got a fantastic group of boys.

“We are putting challenges in front of them and we’re facing challenges as well, but as a group we are rising to that and I can’t ask for any more.

“There’s a fantastic spirit, a great character and a real togetherness. We are not having everything our own way but we’re finding ways to win and that’s all I can ask for.

Royal Borough Observer:

PHOTO: Barry Hayles assisted both Windsor goals on Sunday and Mick Woodham says he takes the heat away from other attacking players.

“The two teams were evenly matched on Sunday but we just wanted to be in that draw and that was probably the difference.

“You could see how much it means to the boys from their reaction at the end and on the bus journey home.”

The reward for Windsor is a third round tie away at Combined Counties Premier Division club Walton & Hersham on Saturday, December 2 (3pm).

The Swans are currently second in the Premier Division table but, having won their last six matches away from home, Woodham insists Windsor have got to be confident on the road again.

Commenting before the draw was made on Monday, the Windsor boss said: “Anything away from home and we’re going to have to fancy ourselves, I’m not going to shy away from that.

“We are in a new league and at home on a Saturday some teams come and treat it as their cup final, and we’re struggling to raise our game.

“But, away from home we’re efficient and effective and very tough to beat.”

Woodham also hopes that the exposure Windsor will get from their run in the FA Vase this season will help to keep his squad of young stars together.

Royal Borough Observer:

PHOTO: Jack Denton (red and white) scored the winning goal at Erith Town.

He explained: “There’s a lot of interest in these boys and consistently I’m fighting that as manager.

“I know there’s going to be disruption but we are still in a national cup and hopefully that will convince all the boys to stay together because we’re trying to build something.

“If the boys stay together the benefit is they actually get game time, but there’s always going to be certain individuals out there that want to disrupt us. But, I can't control that so I don't worry about it."

Looking back on the win against Erith, Woodham said: "Erith carry a lot of experience and we were a little bit too quite prior to kick-off.

"So, we're relying on the experienced boys and you look through the core of our side and it gives us an awful lot of confidence.

"There was no reason for us to go into the game with any real worries, but on the day it took us that 10-15 minutes to settle into the game.

"I thought our last 25-30 minutes of the first half we looked like we were winning our individual battles.

"On balance I thought we deserved to be in front at half-time.

Royal Borough Observer:

PHOTO: Nadir Shafi (red and white) scored the opening goal in the FA Vase.

Hugo Sobte has had one save to make, a good save albeit from distance, and other than that Erith didn't really get round us.

"Erith got round the back of Ramel Sutherland 10 minutes before the end of the first half, but we were more of a threat in that last half-hour and we asked a few questions.

"At half-time we had already won six or seven personal battles, then it was just a case of continuing that in the second half."

Woodham continued: "We identified the personal battles and we just had to make sure that we won another one or two, get the ball into the box and play off and around Barry Hayles a bit more.

"Bradley Pearce gave us good energy in that midfield, he was allowed to run at the back four, and Jack Denton and Nadir Shafi were both effective. On the attacking front we were good value.

"Barry has got two assists and he takes a lot of heat off everyone. He occupies two centre halves at all times, but we've had to ride our luck a little bit as well because Erith had 10 corners.

"In set-pieces they carry a threat and we rode our luck, but equally Erith only undone us once from a corner and after that we done our job and were very disciplined."

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