ROYAL Windsor Rollergirls have suffered a 335-59 defeat to London Brawl Saints in the UK Roller Derby Championships on Saturday.

In sweltering heat and humidity at Windsor Leisure Centre, Who Dares Windsor faced off against London. Regardless of the conditions, it was always going to be a tough game for the hosts, who were promoted to the top tier of the championships at the end of last season, but lost key players and their bench coach earlier this year.

The Saints’ brilliant reputation in UK roller derby preceded them in the lead up to the game and they did not disappoint. Straight from the off, London started to rack up the points as Carly McAdam took the first lead jammer and five points to boot.

The first few minutes were nail-biting for Windsor fans, who saw only two points scored compared with 28 for London by the third jam. However, Windsor started to get a hold on Saints’ tactics and scored a few more points as the first half went on.

Royal Borough Observer:

PHOTO: Royal Windsor Rollergirls (blue) took on London Brawl Saints in the UK Roller Derby Championships at Windsor Leisure Centre on Saturday.  

The visitors’ walls and jamming proved too much to handle though and by the end of the first half London had a 145-32 lead over Who Dares Windsor.

As the game drew on it became evident that even seasoned Windsor jammers were unable to punch holes in the incredibly strong London walls.

However, Tash Bandicoot – in her A-team debut – managed to blast through them in a power jam which helped to level out the score a little.

Unfortunately for Windsor, the power jams were definitely in Saints’ favour as a couple of exceedingly short jams and a missed apex jump left them struggling to put points on the board in the second-half.

Going into the final jam at 316-58, Who Dares Windsor spectators knew that it was all over.

London dominated and ended the game with a final score of 335-59. In the end their sill won out, but if the heat radiating off the players was anything to judge by, they at least had to work hard for those points.

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