Whilst locally, Berkshire might be faring well in World Cup sports such as rowing, England on a global scale has not been doing particularly well, and their spectacular crash out of the FIFA World Cup saw many local sports bettors left high and dry, without a team to wager on.

England had high hopes for their World Cup performance, which were dashed when they were beaten by Italy and then by Uruguay, sending the football world into shock. With only a few teams left in the running, bettors have had to readdress their winning choices and try and determine which teams now have the better odds of claiming the FIFA 2014 championship title. Sadly, England will have to wait another 4 years to prove themselves as worthy contenders.

However it wasn’t just England that crashed out spectacularly, current title holders Spain only made it through 2 matches and Italy, the 2006 champions, have also headed home. So who are sports bettors rooting for now? Or have they given up on the game and switched to playing games at casino sites like www.mobilecasinocanada.ca as they seem to have more of a predictable, rewarding outcome?

Once patriotism is out of the equation it seems that a preference for rooting for another team may depend on a variety of factors, and anything from a side having preferred odds to being a loathed opposition that you would hate to see win, may play a part in the betting process. Unfortunately, with England out of the cup several bettors simply decided not to place wagers, lowering the book maker’s takings and the overall payouts. However many Britons can’t resist trying to predict who will hoist the cup at the end of the tournament and have turned their attention to the remaining teams to try and work out who stands that best odds of being victorious.

At least with the upcoming FA Cup season British bettors will be able to support their local teams and for Berkshire, there are several ties from the draw that should prove to be too tempting to ignore.