Windsor's MP Adam Afriyie has joined the ongoing row over Cllr Simon Dudley's call for tougher police action against rough sleepers in Windsor.

Cllr Dudley has come in for criticism for mentioning the royal wedding in connection with the problem.

Mr Afriyie says in his statement: "We should choose our words carefully when dealing with sensitive issues and I think you must ask Cllr. Dudley to explain his choice of words in this instance.

“It is deeply saddening to see people sleeping on the streets at any time of year and I’m grateful that our local authorities and charities like the Windsor Homeless Project provide so much support and assistance to those in need in our town."

But he takes up the point made by Cllr Dudley in his letter to the Thames Valley Police and Crime Commissioner, saying: “When a small minority refuse the support available and choose to travel miles from home to illegally and aggressively beg on our streets it gives a bad name to those who are genuinely homeless and it is right in these circumstances that our councils work with the police."