Thames Valley Police (TVP) has been accused of backtracking on a promise to help cover the cost of permanent anti-terror barriers in Windsor.

The claim has been made by the leader of the Royal Borough, Cllr Simon Dudley, in the same letter he sent to police and crime commissioner, Anthony Stansfeld, concerning ‘aggressive begging’ in the town.

Cllr Dudley accuses TVP of going back on a verbal agreement to fund half the £2.5million cost of permanent security measures – designed to protect soldiers and the public following the Westminster attack in 2017. Cllr Dudley said the council had already funded the temporary barriers but “we now find ourselves in a position of having to fully fund the permanent measures”.

He separately raised concern about TVP’s unlikely contribution towards the cost of CCTV cameras in the area. He said: “We are further concerned that it is becoming clear that Thames Valley Police is unlikely to contribute anything towards the extensive CCTV renewal programme in the Royal Borough, which is costing us in excess of £1.25million. This is despite the fact that the police are frequent users of the resource and previously indicated an intention to assist with funding.”

He said CCTV had played a major part in prosecutions that followed two rapes in the borough – and that the borough had been forced to underwrite the entire cost of the new systems rather than delay measures by trying to get the police to make a contribution.

The letter follows recent meetings with TVP’s area commander at which the two failed to see eye to eye. Cllr Dudley adds: “I believe there is a clear case of Windsor needing to be considered separately and more visibly by Thames Valley Police because of the special context and security profile of the town.”