Exactly a week has passed since the General Election count in Windsor and Maidenhead.

For the first time armed police guarded the entrance as councillors and party workers filed in when the polls closed nationally at 10pm.

When the time came to announce the result more than five hours later, police discreetly entered the main hall where the votes had been counted - complete with a sniffer dog.

But there was little for them to focus on until at least 3am Friday when Mrs May finally appeared.

Things clearly were not going as planned. But as she made her speech having scored a 37,718 votes - more than 26,000 ahead of her nearest competitor Labour candidate Pat McDonald - there was still hope that she might still end the night with a working majority in parliament.

She said: "It is a huge honour to be reelected as MP for this constituency I pledge to continue to work for all of my constituents."

The Windsor constituency count, also held at the Magnet, saw sitting Conservative MP Adam Afriyie score 34,718 votes, more than 22,000 ahead of his nearest opponent Labour man Peter Shearman.

Mr Afriyie said: "I am delighted that the Conservatives remain the largest party in Westminster with our highest vote share since 1983.

“There are tough negotiations ahead, and it is absolutely right that the Prime Minster form a working government."