A CAR has been written off following a bin lorry ‘hit and run’ incident in Slough, a resident has claimed.

The man, who lives in Wavell Gardens, wishing to remain anonymous, said he is “disgusted” his family member reportedly had their car hit by one of the council’s bin lorry on collection day.

The incident was reported by the resident on Monday, July 4, which he said was also caught on CCTV by his neighbour.

And now the car has been written off due to the extent of the damage.

Royal Borough Observer:

The resident said: “We’re disgusted at what the bin men did, they didn’t even show up the next week to collect the bins because they must have thought we would say something to them about it.

“We’ve reported it to both the police, who hasn’t got back to us, and the council, where they have now finally given us their insurance details.

“Luckily we had our neighbour’s camera which was pointing directly at the car so we managed to catch it happening.”

A Slough Borough Council spokesperson said: “Our crew reported this accident on the 4 July (the same day the accident occurred) in the correct manner and insurance will be processing this claim accordingly.”