THOUSANDS of Slough households are still waiting to receive their £150 rebate as the scheme soon draws to a close.

According to the council, about 9,500 eligible households have not yet been given funds to help ease the pressure of high energy costs and the cost of living crisis.

Earlier this year, the government announced about 20 million households between property bands A to D will be given a £150 council tax rebate.

At the end of July, Slough Borough Council (SBC) has so far dished out £4.7m to 67.3 per cent of eligible households. The council has identified 47,301 residents entitled to the rebate.

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Of the applications received to date, about 1,400 claims, or three per cent of eligible households, failed the bank authentication process. The local authority will make payments to those residents at the end of the process.

SBC has extended the deadline of the scheme, but it is soon to end on August 5.

It has issued 13,400 reminders to those who had not been paid on Wednesday, July 27. Since these were sent out, the council received a further 1,579 applications, which will be processed this week.

Next week, SBC will start the process to make payments onto the council tax accounts of those who have not claimed or who failed the bank authentication process.

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The council says it is not certain of the exact timeframes as it will need to do some work to reconcile payments and check if any households’ entitlement has changed.

Once the core scheme is completed, SBC will open the discretional scheme, which provides financial help to vulnerable households who may not qualify for the £150 rebate.

In October, all UK households will receive a £400 grant that will reduce energy bills.