NATIONWIDE announced it will be closing two local branches later this year.

The bank confirmed the site on Willow Parade, Langley, and Slough Farnham Road, will both close on October 20, 2022.

And locals shared their frustrations following the announcement explaining it’s “another step towards a cashless society”.

Some were concerned for the elderly residents as they are said to be the main customers using the Langley branch. 

Louise Honeywell commented on our Facebook: “The sad thing is the bank probably has the older generation as its main customers. Those that can’t use computers or even online banking.”

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William Consiglio, owner of locksmith and shoe repair business All in 1 on Meadfield Road, Langley, said residents are really upset about the closure.

“Everyone feels comfortable going into this bank but we’ll now have to travel all the way to Slough High Street.”

Royal Borough Observer: The sign at the Langley branch explaining the closure.The sign at the Langley branch explaining the closure.

Carolyn Fairley added: “Cashless society is looming closer than we thought.”

And Mary Oconnell said: “So sad no banks in the village now.”

A Nationwide spokesperson explained that while they are not closing branches in large numbers, they always consider whether it is the interest of their wider membership to keep open a branch that’s not sustainable.

They said: “For example where one requires significant investment and where there are modern branches nearby, we need to determine whether it makes more sense to use that money to improve and retain branches elsewhere in our network, particularly in areas where there is lower provision.

“This is the case with our branches in Langley and Slough Farnham Road, where the branches are older and would require significant investment to bring them up to date.”

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They explained both branches have at least four other Nationwide branches within six miles.

The spokesperson also added that they are aware 61 per cent of Langley branch members and 62 per cent of Slough Farnham Road customers use other branches.

The closest Nationwide branch will now be Slough High Street.