AN ARTS venue in Maidenhead hosted an exciting workshop for a group of school students.

Norden Farm Centre for the Arts paid a visit to Furze Platt Infants School pupils, on Oaken Grove, to present a Stop Motion Animation Workshop .

The class had to draw characters following the theme of sport.

They create a mixture of individuals including a tennis players, Disney roles, footballers, and some even drew themselves.

Once they cut their creations out, workshop leader Chanel Joseph then showed the children how to create the animation using an iPad through a series of photographs.

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The kids all left the session with a smile on their face with one student saying it was a "really fun" workshop.

Class teacher Laura Dexter said: "They've loved it, they learnt how to use the iPads to create the animation which they loved."

Workshop leader Chanel Joseph said: "The childern have learnt teamwork, because they have been working together in their groups, they also learnt art, abit of acting, some maths and a bit of English as well.

"Every class I have been to today has been brilliant, really really good."