Do you consider yourself an amateur ghost hunter or have you ever wanted to visit the most haunted place in Berkshire?

Well, now you’re in for a treat!

With Berkshire crawling with history, it’s not surprising that some Berkshire’s ghosts are a little too close to home.

Let’s take a look at where you can find the most active ghosts and ghouls in the county…

Royal Borough Observer: The George HotelThe George Hotel

The George Hotel

The George Hotel, situated in the village of Pangbourne-on-Thames is Said to be the number one most haunted location in Berkshire.

The hotel, which is still a well-known running hotel dates back to the 12th century where it was a couching house.

Local legend says that a witch named Betty Price used the location as a hiding place and ended up dying whilst hiding in the cellar. She is said to haunt the property in search of her captors to exact her revenge.

Royal Borough Observer:

Windsor Great Park

The Great Park is said to be hunted by a huntsman known as Herne who was employed by King Richard II during his reign.

After being gravely injured by a white hart that charged for the king, the legend states that he was saved by a passing wizard. Although he lived he was without the skills of a huntsman. Despite this the king and Herne became great friends.

After being framed for theft – by other jealous huntsmen – he was cast out by the Royals and took his life from an old oak tree that still stands on the great estate to this day.

Three Legged Cross

The legend of this Bracknell Forest pub goes back to the 19th century 500 years ago when it was known as the New Inn.

The community bar and restaurant, now an Indian restaurant, is dubbed one of the most haunted places in Berkshire because of a legend that goes back 100 years involving a gipsy lady.

She is said to have cursed the pub after being banned and is still seen wandering the outside of the property cursing the old landlord.


Windsor Castle

Royal Borough Observer: Windsor CastleWindsor Castle


As the official Royal resident, it’s not surprising that it has seen it’s fair share of the after-life over the years.

Standing for more than 1000 years it was built by William the Conquer0or in 1066 and have evolved enormously over the years.

The most notorious ghost to haunt the great castle that is a popular residence of the Queen, is Henry VIII.

King Henry who is famous for his six wives and died in the castle in 1547. To keep old Henry company, visitors have often witnessed the ghost of Anne Boleyn who was be-headed by the king for crimes of treason, adultery and witchcraft while married to him.

Both are said to have been seen wandering the cloisters.

King George III, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth I are also known to walk the grounds, especially within the Prison Room, the Curfew Tower, the Deanery and St George’s Castle.


Royal Borough Observer: Littlecote HouseLittlecote House

Littlecote House

The third most haunted building in the UK and one of the most haunted spots in Berkshire is now surprisingly a luxury four-star resort and spa.

Littlecote House in Hungerford, West Berkshire, is a hotel that can be traced back to the Tudor era featuring stunning 113 acre gardens, a heated pool and state of the art gym. Although it is now one of the most luxurious resorts in the county, it was once a Roman settlement.

If you do stay there, the main ghost is said to be a realistic dog that when you try to pat him your hand will pass right through. He is known to sit on the Jerusalem staircase

People often visit a particular room in Littlecote House that is said to have the most active paranormal activity. A shadowy figure of a 16th century midwife has been seen sitting in the corner of this room rocking an infant in her arms!

Are you brave enough to last the night in this hotel?