A PARAMEDIC has said he is “too afraid” to cycle to work after being involved in two road incidents in the space of a month.

Olaf Jurgiewicz, of Maidenhead, who works at Wexham Park Hospital in the ambulance service, was riding to work every week for around a year.

But in the last few weeks, Mr Jurgiewicz has had two occasions where he said drivers pulled out in front of him causing him to fall off his bike.

And he is now currently off work after injuring his lower back.

“I am afraid to cycle now,” he said.

“Drivers in Slough and Maidenhead do not care about cyclists and about road law in this country, they do not know about priorities, and they drive very dangerously.

“I am depressed now, because I have to stay at home and my lovely patients are waiting for help and I cannot help them.

“I have been a paramedic for 18 years and I really love my job, I try to be a good person but it is very hard for me, because of reckless drivers I cannot help these patients now and be with them.”

In the first incident, Mr Jurgiewicz said his camera and both wheels were “destroyed”.

He said: “The impact was so heavy that my water bottle ejected from holder and landed on the road.”

On both occasions Mr Jurgiewicz explained the drivers didn’t stop to apologise, one of which happened on Edinburgh Avenue near to the Mars factory.

But for the first incident, he said a lorry driver pulled over to help him and made sure he was ok.

Mr Jurgiewicz said he has reported both times to the police but has not received a response yet.

The council said it is looking to improve the cycling network in the area.

A spokesperson for Slough Borough Council said: “We are continuing to look at improving the cycling network and this has been documented in SBC’s Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) which extends across the borough.

“The LCWIP is a ‘living document’ and the emphasis will change as more funding is received.”

The council has recently been awarded £10.4m to make cycling and infrastructure changes on the A4.

The spokesperson added: “This scheme will introduce better and safer segregated cycle lanes that will improve cycling along the A4. 

“We continue to pursue more funding to provide better cycling facilities in the borough.”