AN OUTDOOR play area in Windsor is said to need “ongoing investment” for families to keep using it.

Clewer Recreation Ground has had several health and safety issues since February, according to resident Steve Anderson.

Having reported it to the council, he said contractors Tivoli need to do more than just inspect the play area.

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Mr Anderson said: “When you drive into the park there are weeds and shrubs that are about two-feet high and there’s tree debris around the disabled roundabout which has been there since Christmas.

“They fixed one of the issues back in February when I first flagged my concerns after children’s safety.

“I understand Tivoli do regular inspections, but this should also include maintenance, which doesn’t seem to happen on a weekly basis.”

Councillor Amy Tisi, Lib Dem councillor for Clewer East, explained Tivoli are “very slow” to resolve issues despite carrying out inspection.

She said: “Residents, café staff and councillors report damage as it happens but it then takes ages to be fixed.  

“The safety surface on the roundabout was installed at speed recently after I reported that a child was nearly injured where the surface lifted.”

Royal Borough Observer: A picture showing a possible trip hazard for children. A picture showing a possible trip hazard for children.

Cllr Tisi added one issue is that the RBWM ‘Report It’ system doesn’t include parks or playgrounds making it difficult to hold Tivoli to account.

“This is something I have repeatedly raised with officers, and they are now working on a fix,” she said.

“The Pirate Park is one of the most used playgrounds in Windsor and it needs ongoing investment so that families can carry on enjoying it.”

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A council spokesperson said: “Our play areas are inspected regularly by our contractor Tivoli.

“We will ensure that any areas where the membrane at the park is exposed are re-covered and the area around the roundabout, which is still usable, is swept. Sand at the play area was topped up in March this year as per the contract.

“If there any issues with our parks, residents can report this by contacting customer services by calling 01628 683800 or via email at”