A WINDSOR man has just returned from Ukraine where he was helping volunteers delivery essential goods to distribution centres.

Andre Walker, a journalist and political commentator from Windsor, went to the Polish border to assist individuals in getting donated goods to Ukrainian refugees.

Speaking on Twitter, Andre is now urging people to donate to help fundraise for armoured vehicles, which is being run through Gloucestershire Polish Association.

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In the video, Andre said the ordinary vans that are going into Ukraine and being targeted by Russia forces are not good enough.

He said: "What we need now is armour plated vehicles and we are going to try and find some armour plated vehicles and bring them back over.

"These Ukrainians are fighting back, when you see Zelensky saying 'here still here' we need to support them, we can support them."

You can watch the video below:

Andre also appear on GB News this week.

He said on the programme seeing what’s happening first hand in Ukraine is “absolutely extraordinary”.

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He said: “The fundamental point when people are donating, and I know people who are donating watch this show, when they are donating to these big trucks who go to Ukraine, we’re then breaking it up into small vehicles that Putin can’t touch.

“I do think we should be proud as a country and actually, as a world, for the amount that we have donated to Ukraine and the fact that we are winning this war for these guys.”