RUSSELL Brand is among the latest celebrities to back Norden Farm, following fears of arts funding cuts.

He’s urged supporters to sign a petition that was set up by Public Campaign for the Arts to take a stand against the council’s plans to scrap funding for the Maidenhead arts centre.

Now signed by more than 4,800 people, Russell Brand is one of the recent stars who took to Twitter to offer his support.

He retweeted Norden Farm’s post which included a statement on the news from chief executive Jane Corry.

He shared the statement quoting: “Support our friends at Norden Farm buy signing this urgent petition.”



And he’s not the only famous face to stand up for the arts centre.

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Comedian Rachel Parris, who’s appeared on Mock the Week, said: “Norden Farm is a special place that put on my shows back when I was attracting grand audiences of about 35 people just because they liked my work and love the arts.”

And another stand-up star, Mark Watson, added: “If we start de-funding theatres like this, with the community work they do, we might as well just forget the arts”

The Maidenhead venue, which has already suffered a 45 per cent cut in its council grant in the last year, said maintained funding is “absolutely essential to keep the charity going”.

The council has paid for a private consultant to assess how the arts centre might adjust to having no public funding.

And comedian Alfie Moore also joined the celebs in backing Norden Farm.

He said: “Wonderful theatres and art centres like Norden Farm in Maidenhead are the beating heart of the local community.

“I do hope that RBWM decide to keep the funding in place and do everything they can to keep this fabulous venue open - it's really important.”

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The Old Court, in Windsor, is also affected by the funding cuts.

Martin Denny, director of The Old Court in Windsor, said: "We hope that the council will return to funding the two arts centres in the Royal Borough. If funding is unlikely to resume, we will have to consider carefully how we can continue."

Councillor Andrew Johnson said in a tweet this morning (February 3) a “very positive” meeting has now been held with Norden Farm to discuss future plans.