Thieves have been targetting the elderly in Slough by using distraction techniques.

Thames Valley Police has had multiple reports of thieves going up to people using a cash point and telling them the ATM machine doesn't work.

They will frequently watch the victim tap in their PIN number whilst leaning around and tampering with the keypad while the victim is attempting to withdraw cash.

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There are multiple suspects involved in confusing and distracting the victim leading them to think their card has been kept by the ATM when in fact it has been stolen.

Police said Tesco in Wellington St Grasmere Parade and Parlaunt Road and Sainsburys in Uxbridge Road are prime hotspots for these thefts.

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Adding: "If you see or experience any suspicious incidents if possible make staff or security at the store aware immediately and contact Police on 101 or 999 if you feel it is appropriate.

If you have been a Victim of such a theft please ensure you contact your bank to cancel your card as soon as possible and contact Police via 101 or the online reporting facility on our website.

"If the offender is still in the vicinity use 999."