A lunar eclipse is set to take place which will be visible for many people across the globe, with the UK having the opportunity to see some of it.

This spectacle coincides with the Full Moon, which according to The Independent is traditionally known as the Beaver Moon by Native American tribes.

It will be visible across large parts of the globe, including North America and partially in the UK.

The near-total eclipse will peak for 3 hours and 28 minutes on the night of November 18-19, beginning at 9.02am GMT.

The full passing of the Full Moon – which itself peaks at 8.57am GMT – through Earth’s shadow will last more than six hours.

As part of this the United States will be able to see the whole event, but the arrival of the Sun on Friday morning will prevent people in the UK from seeing the latter half of it.

This event is made more special by the fact the Moon falling into the Earth's shadow will be for the longest duaration since the early 15th Century.