Brits are set to experience the second rise in gas and electricity bills in just 12 months, as the national energy shortage causes prices to soar. 

According to the Oil & Gas UK trade body, wholesale gas prices have soared by 250% since the beginning of the year, including a 70% rise since August. 1

These record high prices are set to increase throughout the upcoming winter months, as global supply fails to meet the demand for power. A combination of the reopening of global economies following the Covid-19 pandemic and a colder winter 2020/21, is reportedly responsible for the surge in prices.

To help navigate through the crisis, people across the country will be looking for ways to cut costs on their bills and it can be as simple as ensuring that your home is well-insulated. 

Safestyle UK provide top tip to save on your energy bills this winter

Adam Pawson, Head of Digital at Safestyle UK, the UK’s leading window provider shared his top tip to save on your energy bills.

He said: “The national gas shortage will cause financial worry to lots of  people but by planning ahead and ensuring that your home is well-prepared for winter, there’s ways to keep the heat in and reduce energy costs. 

“If you're feeling draughts and cold air in your home it might be because your windows are not performing as well as they should be - in fact, it’s actually estimated that up to a staggering 40% of your home’s energy escapes from your windows!

“For example, older windows tend to let a lot of the precious heat from your home escape, meaning that you're using more energy than you probably need to when heating each room. Energy-efficient windows, on the other hand, will not only make your home feel warmer and save you money on your energy bills, but it will also help to reduce your carbon footprint. 

“The amount of savings varies depending on property size but a typical, gas-heated semi-detached home could save between £120-£155 per year by choosing energy-efficient windows."

He added: “It’s never been more important to keep on top of window maintenance, checking that your windows meet the regulatory standard. A window's overall thermal efficiency, solar gain (heat coming in from outside) and air leakage, contributes to its official rating, with anything above C considered good. 

“A quality installation will eliminate draughts as the windows work to keep warm air in and cold air out. Our windows here at Safestyle are all A-rated for efficiency and recommended by the Energy Savings Trust, as they are specifically designed to harvest as much free energy into your home as possible.

"Using advanced glass technology, the inner pane of glass reduces the amount of heat that is lost through the window while the outer pane harvests the free energy from the sun bringing it into your home, this gives you a little bit of extra heating for free."

To find out more visit the Safestyle windows website.