ANOTHER week of shortages has seen drivers queuing at petrol stations to try and grab some fuel.

Last week, we published a list after speaking to petrol stations in every corner of the borough to find out where you can and can’t get fuel.

Today, the majority of stations we spoke to said they are either completely out of fuel or had no idea when they are expecting their next delivery.

There are some where fuel is available though, which are listed below.

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However, drivers are being told not to panic buy or stockpile fuel as there is no shortage of fuel, it is a shortage of tanker drivers caused by Brexit and exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic that is to blame for the issue.

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Here are the fuel stations in Slough where you can get fuel:

  • Esso, Lent Rise - has fuel (delivered yesterday)
  • Texaco, Farnham Road, Slough - displaying as 'busier than usual' on Google's live display
  • Esso, Stoke Poges Lane - displaying as 'busier than usual' on Google's live display
  • Tesco Extra, Slough - has both fuel

These are the stations we have contacted where you CANNOT currently get fuel or didn't answer: 

  • Shell, Burnham Lane - no answer
  • Jet, Bath Road - no answer
  • BP, Farnham Road - no answer
  • Esso, Bath Road - no answer
  • Shell, London Road, Slough - no answer
  • Esso, Chalvey - no answer
  • Asda petrol station - no answer