SOME of the quirkiest hotels have been revealed across the UK with one suite in Berkshire topping the list.

Interior design specialists at Stelrad have collated a list of the best-themed hotels found on Google Hotel search.

From pirates to princesses, range of themes are endless but this hotel in Windsor has been named as one of the best for a family staycation.

Castle Hotel in Legoland brings the experience of LEGO to life with the wizard and knight themed rooms.

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Children love to stay in this exciting room, which features an in room treasure hunt and bright colours throughout.

The Legoland inspire rooms have accents of glowing potions, spells and Lego creatures where magical family memories are built out of Lego bricks.

Chris Havey at Stelrad, said: "The interior design concepts are the central theme that all the design elements are focused upon, the interior of each room really brings the chosen themes to life through careful planning.

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"Each visual theme evokes a specific mood by strategically using colour, space and style in tandem. From the wallpaper paper choices to the smaller accessories, the attention to detail has really been taken into consideration.

"Staying in a themed hotel room will leave your family with memories to hold for a lifetime, although you are in the UK you will really feel like you have stayed at a different location!"