THE Borough First Independents councillor, Helen Price, who represents Clewer and Dedworth East, writes:

There are several consultations running over this Summer period, the Borough Local Plan, Gambling Policy, Adult Day Services, Night Flights, Corporate Plan, Active travel. 

I want to draw your attention to one which you might overlook – THE CORPORATE PLAN closing date 12 September.   

Why is this important? Because whatever is agreed will set the direction of RBWM up to 2026.  

It will determine what the aspirations for RBWM will be and the priorities to be addressed.  

This consultation is at very high level and I doubt that any residents will do anything other than strongly agree with the statements, and if that is all that they do I am concerned that this will not be a ‘meaningful’ consultation.  

So, what is really important is that you respond in the “further comments”, ie the free text option.    

Do you feel that more priority needs to be given to social housing, youth service, access to special needs support, elderly care support?  

Do you feel that resident parking is an issue or support for local shops? 

Do you feel that there has to be genuine partnership working?  If so, with whom? 

Do you feel in light of the recent UN Climate Change Report that “promoting awareness“ in Q10 is sufficient?  If not, say so, and why.  

Q13 is a key question.  “What things do you expect to be different?” Please do complete this thinking carefully about what is important to you and the place you want to live in for years to come. 

This is YOUR borough and it is YOUR priorities that need to be addressed.