An ELDERLY couple from Maidenhead almost fell victim to a scam after receiving a call from a fake police officer.

Thames Valley Police has sent out a warning after a man claiming to be a 'police officer' called Peter Mille from the Hammersmith Police Station Fraud squad called the couple.

He also mentioned the name DC Burns, who also works on his team.

Police said 'Peter Miller' made multiple calls on the couples house phone and on the wife’s mobile and the number was always withheld.

He explained that the victim’s wife has been 'the victim of a scam and that money had been removed from their bank accounts'.

He asked them to check if they still have their debit cards and they have not been stolen.

The victim checked and said yes, they still had them.

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Peter Miller, told them to put the receiver down, then pick it up again and call his bank, using the security number on the back of the card. The victim did this and really believed, he was legitimately speaking to the bank.

The person they were speaking to, confirmed that £16,000 had been taken from their current accounts.

The fake bank said that £10,000 had been sent to Nigeria and the other £6,000 had been spent on two separate occasions at shopping centres on luxury items.

‘The Bank’ said that they understood that these transactions were fraudulent and will collect the scammed cards and sending him and his wife new bank cards, by courier.

‘Peter Miller’ called that afternoon and said that he needed their help with a ‘police sting’ operation and that they needed to go to their bank and withdraw £4,650.

They went to their bank in Windsor, who refused to withdraw the cash, so they left without the money.

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When they got home, they received another phone call and were told that they were under observation and Peter Miller proved he wasn't lying about this by describing their surroundings.

He then told them to go to a foreign currency exchange in Windsor and withdraw £7,650 in Euros.

They followed the instructions, went and attempted to do this, but again, they were turned away.

They then got a taxi home and have not heard from Peter Miller since. They phoned their bank and were told this was a standard scam and that nothing has been taken from their account.