THE family of Maidenhead's Tom Dean celebrated like “lunatics” after he won an Olympic gold medal in the men’s 200 metres freestyle, his mother has said.

Dean, 21, who was “knocked for six” after contracting coronavirus for a second time earlier this year, finished in a time of one minute and 44.22 seconds, ahead of his British compatriot Duncan Scott, at the Tokyo Aquatics Centre.

His mother Jacquie Hughes, 58, said up to 70 family and friends watched the race in her garden in Maidenhead despite the event starting in the early hours of Tuesday.

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Royal Borough Observer:

She said: “To be honest I haven’t taken it all in yet, everything has been so nerve-racking, the final was amazing and that with the lack of sleep has meant I’m on an adrenaline-filled rush.

“I know Tom feels the same way, he told me it’s like a dream and that it doesn’t feel real, like nothing happened but he still has a race to do and was back in a pool within hours.

“Everyone was so supportive, I was blown away by the number of people who were invested in it, the garden was mad, we were like lunatics.

“I think half of Maidenhead will be at the airport to cheer him home with banners and flags, he’s put Maidenhead on the map.”

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Ms Hughes said her son was “calm and analytical” ahead of the race, and had been advised to try to limit contact with family and friends.

Dean, who is the second of five children, who all swam at a national level, has been congratulated by a number of former Olympic swimmers, including Adrian Moorhouse and Mark Foster.

Ms Hughes went on to say: “It will be interesting to see what Tom does next, gold medals are seen as the pinnacle of an athlete’s career, but I don’t think he will hang up the goggles.

“Tom has the mindset and drive of someone who will want to chase down his record times and get himself in the record books.

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“He’s just got going so I think we could see him in Paris in four years.”

However, Dean had doubts about even making it to this year’s Games, after he contracted coronavirus for a second time at the start of this year, spending up to seven weeks out.

After testing positive again in January, the 21-year-old said his symptoms were much more severe, telling the BBC he could not walk up the stairs “without coughing and wheezing”.

Ms Hughes said: “The second time completely knocked him out, he was knocked for six to be honest and he had only just got back in the pool after lockdown so he was behind on training anyway.

“He couldn’t control his heart rate and struggled completing everyday tasks, which could have shot a hole through his Olympic ambition.

“But Tom, being Tom, put his nose to the grindstone and made up for lost time, he was off the pace during a few other competitions but picked up.”

She added: “My heart is bursting, I can’t explain the feeling, only athletes and parents of athletes understand what it takes.

“For 11 years I took my children to swimming lessons seven times a week and I’m so proud of how Tom has dealt with the setbacks and how humble and gracious he has been.”

Dean became the first British man to win an Olympic freestyle title in 113 years.