LIFESAVING buoys have been vandalised for a second time after one was damaged last week.

Another buoy has been vandalised along the Jubilee River in Slough after several were damaged, including at one part of the river close to The Myrke where a young man died.

Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service said they have "received reports of people vandalising the lifebuoys stationed along the Jubilee River."

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Explaining: "Lifebuoys are placed at rivers across the County to assist people in trouble in the water. Please don't vandalise them - they could save someone's life."

It comes after Slough Borough Council urged people to think twice before damaging the water equipment.

A number of people have sadly died at the Jubilee River.

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20-year-old Michael Scaife died n August 2015, after going in the water to help a friend.

Two further deaths sadly happened three years later including 17-year-old Dajarn Daly and Nayeeb Ullah Naizai.