“HANDSOME” plans to revamp Three UK’s former headquarters with low and zero-carbon technologies have seduced councillors to approve unanimously.

Members on the Royal Borough development management panel gave the go-ahead to the applicants, Legal and General, to transform the “tired and outdated” Star House in Grenfell Road, Maidenhead, into an “attractive and sustainable” office complex.

Telecommunications giants Three UK was in the office building for 17 years – but moved out in March after their lease ended and moved into a “combined office space” in Reading.

Councillors on the panel, who convened on Wednesday, July 21, liked the developers adding low and zero-carbon technologies to produce 39 per cent emissions.

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Some of the measures include adding rooftop solar panels and air source heat pump technologies.

Councillor Amy Tisi said: “I think it’s a really good example of reusing, repurposing an existing building that’s 25 odd years old.

“It’s a good example to others. It’s a real shame there are some beautiful buildings in Maidenhead being pulled down and demolished rather than being converted and reused.

“Hopefully this will inspire other developers to do the same.”

Royal Borough Observer: CGI of the revamped buildingCGI of the revamped building

In the plans, the four-storey building, which is near Maidenhead railway station, will see a new entrance lobby as a two-storey extension to the southside will be added.

A new café, which will be plastic-free, is also proposed facing King Street and the installation of three rooftop pavilions and terraces.

Proposals also include improvements to the public realm on the southern side of the building, including an outdoor seating area and landscaping.

Star House already has 199 car parking spaces, but the applicant is looking to change the layout by reducing these spaces to 176 spaces – with 18 of those having electric charging points and a further nine being disabled bays.

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Over 150 secure cycle parking spaces are also included.

This scheme will reportedly generate 52 jobs, generate £10.3 million annually into the economy, and contribute £1.3 million in business rates each year.

Councillor Leo Walters called the designs “handsome”, while councillor David Hilton added: “It’s great to see developers having confidence in both Windsor and Maidenhead in investing here because that is what’s going to drive this town forward.

“It’s positive in every sense.”

It’s not yet known which company will make the revamped office complex its new home when completed.