A HOTEL in Windsor is leading the way in saving the bees as part of an ecology project to protect them.

Working with Berkshire based, Oakdale Bees, Castle Hotel Windsor is helping boost numbers of the bee population by introducing a new hive on its rooftop.

The hive was located earlier last week by the bee keepers and they expect them to thrive off the abundance of flowers in Queen's castle grounds.

Sam Goss, general manager of Castle Hotel Windsor, said: “We recognised that the rooftop was an ideal location for a hive, and we are thrilled to have it here to help raise awareness of the importance of these important pollinators.

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"We are going to have a few exciting weeks watching the bees at work, The hive of British honeybees supports the hotel’s strong sustainable agenda. As well as helping to save bees and protect the environment, the hotel is also hoping to produce some very exclusive honey for guests."

The passionate owner of the Windsor business started an apiary in a bid to protect bees, after discovering the alarming decline in the species and the environmental eco system they support.

Elisabeth Barton-Grew, Oakdale Bees, said: “It is so good to be able to help the Castle Hotel to fulfil their ambition to create a hive on the roof of the hotel. We have settled the bees in and ensured there is a water source, and they are absolutely thriving.

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"There is no question that the bees are benefitting from some right royal foraging in the gardens of Windsor Castle, The Great Park plus gardens and window boxes in the town centre."

Castle Hotel Windsor will also offer its guests the chance to be a Beekeeper for the day.

The hotel will organise a beekeeping experience at Oakdale Bee’s apiary in Windsor, where guests will learn the art of beekeeping and how to inspect the hives with a delicious lunch included.