MANY young and old across England have a delayed start to their Monday should The Three Lions triumph at Euro 2020 this weekend.

Victory at Wembley would mark the men’s football team’s first major tournament win since the 1966 World Cup.

The mechanics for a bank holiday this Monday seem unworkable, given the short turnaround between the final ending late on Sunday night and when the day off would come into effect, potentially an hour later.

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Instead, businesses may consider flexible working hours in order to allow staff to sleep off any celebratory or consolatory side effects.

Royal Borough Observer: Photo by PA Photo by PA

One school in Berkshire has already told parents their children will not be marked as late if they are in by 10.30am.

Gemma Donnelly, head of Braywick Court School in Bray, Berkshire, has told parents that children will not be marked as late if they are in by 10.30am.

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In a letter to families, seen by PA, Mrs Donnelly said: “This gives you the option to stay up late and watch the match, or watch it in the morning before coming to school if you would like to.”

Other schools have also signalled a similar relaxation of normal rules.

The final is due to kick off at Wembley at 8pm and will finish by 10pm if it ends in normal time.

However, if it goes to extra time or a penalty shootout, the game would conclude closer to 11pm.

Any trophy presentation for the Three Lions would likely delay bedtimes even further.