RAPE, paedophilia, stabbings and more.

Those are just some of the gruesome offences against women and children that men from Berkshire have been sentenced for so far in 2021.

Have a look through the list to read about their terrible crimes.

Piotr Malinowski

Royal Borough Observer:

35-year-old Malinowski stabbed two of his lodgers -- both women in their 50s -- in a crazed attack in Slough in December 2020.

The frenzied knifeman, of Adelphi Gardens, entered the bedroom of one woman before promptly stabbing her with a knife as she was laying on her bed.

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The second woman entered the bedroom after hearing screams and was stabbed in the neck a number of times as she crouched in fear.

Fortunately both victims survived the horror attack and Malinowski was stopped by a member of the public before police arrested him.

He was sentenced to seven years’ imprisonment at Reading Crown Court on Friday, May 28.

Brandon Neal

Royal Borough Observer:

Thug Brandon Neal attacked his victim -- a 25 year old woman -- in a horrifying rage which left her with a 4cm gash down her skull.

21-year-old Neal launched his gruesome offensive one evening in March 2020 at Worlds End Hill Park in Bracknell.

He started arguing with the woman before smashing a bottle on her forehead.

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He was then tackled to the ground by the victim’s partner before being arrested on the same day.

At Reading Crown Court in May, Neal, of Berkshire Court was sentenced to two years behind bars.

Richard Wilkins

Royal Borough Observer:

Paedophile Richard Wilkins will spend years in jail after he sexually abused a child.

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The 37-year-old, of St Leonards Hill, Windsor, was also found to have made indecent images of a child.

He was told he will spend four years and two months in prison for these offences back in April.

Trevor Smith

Royal Borough Observer:

Another paedophile -- Trevor Smith -- will serve much longer behind bars after he sexually abused a girl and raped a boy between 15 and 30 years ago.

The Dedworth Road man was slammed by a Judge at Reading Crown Court last month for putting his victims through the trauma of a trial after he pleaded guilty to several sexual abuse charges.

Judge Edward Burgess scolded Smith for the “grave” ways he “systematically” abused the boy, which included rape and sexual assault.

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“Your abuse of him tragically became part of his formative life”, Judge Burgess said.

“The effects have been profound and life changing.

“There is no doubt you have caused him severe psychological harm.”

Smith, 56, will be in prison for up to 21 years.

Dorin Manolache

Royal Borough Observer:

A ‘few minutes of madness’ saw Manolache rape a cleaner in Reading in March 2021.

Judge Nott, sitting at Reading Crown Court, said Manolache ‘ruined’ both his and her life following the assault.

The court heard how the woman suffered bruises following the assault, as well as sleepless nights, a loss of appetite and flashbacks.

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She had to take HIV treatment tablets as a precaution, too.

Sentencing, Judge Nott put Manolache, 32 from Wantage Road, Reading, behind bars for up to six years in prison.

Ashley Jenkins

Royal Borough Observer:

Maidenhead man Jenkins admitted to numerous child sex offences at Reading Crown Court in November 2020.

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In January of this year, he was sentenced to 26 years in prison for the rape of an under 13, the sexual assault of a child under 13, and several counts of making and taking indecent images of children.

Jenkins, 26, of Ray Park Avenue, was charged with the crimes in June 2020.