STOP and search powers have been temporarily enhanced in Langley.

At 3pm today (June 7), enhanced stop and search powers were authorised for police officers in Langley following the enactment of a Section 60 order.

The order covers the area shown in the map and will be in place for 24 hours, but may be extended should there be grounds to do so.

Police said the decision to enact a Section 60 follows two incidents in Langley in the last week in which knives were used.

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Eight arrests have been made in relation to these incidents and officers are keen to ensure no further violence takes place.

Chief Inspector Lee Barnham, Deputy Commander for Slough local policing area, said: “This Section 60 order means that officers can stop and search anyone within the area shown on the map for items connected with violence.

“Please do not be worried if you are stopped by an officer as this does not mean that you are in trouble.

“We do not take decisions like this lightly. Whilst this may sound alarming, the Section 60 order is a preventative measure and you can expect to see more officers out and about in Langley as they work to ensure weapons are kept off our streets. Please do speak to officers when you see them, they are there to help and reassure you.

“As ever, I ask for the public’s support in keeping Slough safe and encourage anyone who has any knowledge of someone who chooses to carry a knife to make contact with us or to contact Crimestoppers anonymously.”