TRAVELLERS have set up camp at Dedworth Manor, following dispersal from the Long Walk, Thames Valley Police (TVP) has said.

The national media reported the group parked up to 30 caravans and motorhomes outside Windsor Castle yesterday (June 1).

A TVP spokesperson said: “At around 6pm last night Thames Valley Police were called about an unauthorised encampment on the Long Walk in Windsor. Officers engaged with the landowner and also those in the encampment and those who had gathered dispersed.”

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It is understood that same group of travellers have set up camp at the Dedworth Manor field last night at about 8pm after they were moved on from the Long Walk by officers.

A council spokesman said: “The council is aware and in line with policy and statutory requirements on us welfare visits are being undertaken before any decisions are made on how to proceed.

“The situation will continue to be actively monitored to ensure that the impact on local residents and the environment is minimised.”

The TVP spokesman added they are liaising with those on the encampment and with the local authority.

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Code of conduct letters have been distributed to the travellers, warning them any bad behaviour will result in eviction from the site.

Previously, it has been reported the travellers were parked up at Kew Green in West London – but ‘voluntarily’ left the site on June 1 after the council was granted eviction powers by the High Court.

They came to Kew Green on May 27 but were reportedly upsetting neighbours over the bank holiday weekend.