WE asked you to submit pictures of the worst parking you have seen in Slough and beyond — and you did not disappoint.

You pointed out your bugbears: people parking on pavements, abandoning their cars on double yellow lines, blocking driveways and footpaths, and causing a danger to other drivers.

Here are some of the worst examples of parking around Slough.

Royal Borough Observer: Church Street Chalvey Church Street Chalvey

This car parked in Church Street, Chalvey caused upset to one pedestrian after deciding to park on the pavement.

The resident also thinks it is 'dangerous'. 

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Another driver on Marlborough Road, Slough decided to block the pavement causing pedestrians to walk on the road.

Royal Borough Observer:

The resident said: "Could have parked on the road like everyone else."

Parking down Burnham High Street is a nightmare according to one resident.

Royal Borough Observer:

They said: "They park like this and the car park is free at the moment."

The strength of the response we had was overwhelming, and it is clear that bad parking in Slough is a huge problem people are facing every day.

Do you think you can do better?

Have you seen worse parking in Slough? Or maybe in a nearby town? Send us your photos and comments about them to the submissions form here.