THE Windsor Yards name has been deemed ‘entirely inappropriate’ by MP Adam Afriyie as a petition for it to be changed ramps up.

The shopping centre was sold off to AEW UK Investments Ltd last week in a bid to rejuvenate the Yards into a ‘modern development’ under its Urban Real Estate Strategy.

The 260,700 sq ft centre comprises a mix of uses including retail, hotel, supermarket, car park, and residential.

Windsor MP Adam Afriyie welcomed the news of the buyout and hopes the new owners will give the town centre a ‘bright future’ and a much-needed ‘boost’.

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Since the buy-out, a petition has been set up urging the new owners to consider changing the name Windsor Yards to a more ‘appropriate’ name such as the old name King Edward Court or in honour of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh’s Court.

John Webb, the petitioner, said ‘yards’ sounds like a ‘dirty’, ‘low-rent type name’ and is not in keeping with the area.

Reacting to the petition, Mr Afriyie said he thought the word ‘yards’ is ‘entirely inappropriate’ for the town centre and thinks a ‘well received’ name would be welcomed.

He said: “Windsor is a town steeped in history associated with our monarchy and our military.

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“It seems to me that a more fitting name would be well received. To be frank, I’ve always felt that the word ‘yards’ is entirely inappropriate for the town centre and have made that clear for some time.”

The petition has so far garnered over 570 signatures and can be found here: