NEARLY a third of people in Windsor and Maidenhead have received two doses of a Covid-19 vaccine, figures reveal.

NHS data shows 36,529 people had received both jabs by May 9 – 30% of those aged 16 and over, based on the latest population estimates from the Office for National Statistics.

Of those to have received both jabs, 33,537 were aged 40 and over – 42% of the age group.

It means 2,992 people aged between 16 to 39 have received both doses.

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Across England, a third of people aged 16 and over have received their second vaccine dose.

The NHS vaccine data also reveals variation in coverage for residents who had received at least one dose between different areas across Windsor and Maidenhead.

Across Windsor and Maidenhead, 70% of those aged 16 and over have had one jab.

Areas with the highest coverage:

1) Cookham & Waltham, with 79.9% of people aged 16 and over given their first dose

2) Bray Wick & Holyport, 75.7%

3) Cox Green, 74.8%

Areas with the lowest coverage:

1) Maidenhead Central, 57.7%

2) Windsor Town & Eton, 60.4%

3) Boyn Hill & Norreys Drive, 63.9%

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Across England, 15 million people had received a second dose of the jab by May 9 – 33% of the population aged over 16 and over.

That includes 13.3 million people aged 40 and over – 47% of the age group.

In total, 29.4 million people had received at least one dose of a vaccine by the same date, covering 65% of people over 16.